Adress program is run under linux. You can save the adress and phone number of your friends with this program. It has the properties of client and server programming. First you run the server program "adserv" on a machine.Secondly you run the client program adress on another machine. Client program can be run on lots of machine. Clients programs send and receive record from database of server machine. You can run client and server on the same machine also. I use ncurses library of linux  to write teminal screen and read keybord. ncurses library enables you to control terminal screen easily. I also use TCP/IP programming a lot. So I think this program will be very useful for programmers.

Programmer: Evren Onur SOYKUT   Language : C     License : GNU Public License

Catagory: Client and server programming, TCP/IP programming, database use, Ncurses programming

Email: (15kb) Source files