EV-OS is an operating system, running on x86 platform. It runs in the real mode of microprocessor. System runs on floppy disk and to run EV-OS user must boot from EV-OS diskette. User can communicate with operating system by means of command line, on the text screen. User can do their operations using proper commands. Generally, commands are prepared to realize file operations. This operations are standart in many operating systems such as file erasing, file copying, directory erasing, file renaming etc. Besides, user can run application programs. User must write name of program on command line to run application programs. Application programs must be prepared for EV-OS operating system. Development of application program can be done on Windows operating system. After getting binary file a special program that I wrote, can transfer this file from Windows to EV-OS. The name of this program is File Transfer Program. File transfer program can transfer every type of file you need. File system is formed to save necessary files of user properly. There is a directory structure in file system.  EV-OS was written in Assembly and transfer program was written in C. These source codes will be useful for programmers who wants to learn system programming techniques. You can download file that contains executable image file and source codes of EV-OS operating system. It also contain readme.htm that shows how to prepare an EV-OS diskette.

Programmer: Evren Onur SOYKUT    Language: Assembly and C    

Catagory: System programming       License: GNU  Public License

email: (59 KB) Executable image file and source files